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Welcome to the Tri-realms. Journey through my world of fantasy and romance, epic myth and lore, and a place where the unimaginable become reality. A world where angels, demons, elves, humans, and many others call home. A world filled with sword fights and magic, a place where the gods still walk the realms and involve themselves with the likes of mere mortals.


The Celestials want her dead. The Demons would kill to have her. Only he can protect her from both—but can he save her from herself?

A fallen star’s magic rips Evie from her family, revealing the dark secrets of her true bloodline. As if being mistaken as a dark elf isn’t enough, she finds out she is an Infernal—a half-celestial demon. She is the key to the Tri-realms, and the very thing that may tip the scales of the Eternal War between the Celestials and Demons. Both are on the hunt for her blood.

Her goddess demands that she go to the Abyss to save her father. In a race against time and while battling her own growing power, she must risk everything to do what is right. But doing what is right just might mean losing the man she has come to love.
Cain thrives in darkness. As a demonkin—a half-demon—the world hates him, and violence follows him. Never backing from a fight, he embraces his reality. With every battle, he relishes the strength he gains. The day will come when he faces the demon who had hurt his mother—and this time he will kill him.

When the fates interfere and place Evie in his destructive path, he cannot refuse the need to protect her and save her. Nor can he fight the desire she stirs in his heart and soul. Never had anyone accepted him for who he was without compromise. But she comes with the unreasonable demands of a goddess he had long since turned his back on and sworn to never let into his life again. Now he must choose between getting his revenge and ignoring the goddess’ demands or losing Evie forever.


Star Found is an epic romantic fantasy adventure of two people finding themselves in a world that hates them simply for being born. They must learn to trust each other and rely on one another to overcome the odds and face not only the monstrous demons of the Abyss, but also the demons of their pasts. If they don’t, the fate of not only their hearts,
but also the entire realm is at stake.

If you love books about outcasts finding their place in the world, soulmates, redemption, and forbidden love with broody heroes and shy heroines who fight side-by side to save the world, you will love Star Found!

Buy now and immerse yourself in the world of the Tri-realms! A high epic fantasy world filled with monsters, magic, a sword fight or two, and swoon-worthy steamy romance.

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